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Fine Pen Point Type - 31.5 mil Pen Point Size - Needle Pen Point Style - Yellow, Golden Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Sky Blue, Electric Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Spring Green, Green, ... - Metal Tip - 24 / Set
SP Richards: ZEB09024, UPC: 045888090248, GTIN: 0045888090248, EAN: 0045888090248, SP Richards Catalog: ZEB 09024 
Mfg Number: 09024
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Fine, Extra Fine Pen Point Type - 31.5 mil Pen Point Size - Black, Gray, Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Green Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Pink, Brown, ... - Assorted Barrel - 24 / Each
SP Richards: ZEB67117, UPC: 045888671171, GTIN: 0045888671171, EAN: 0045888671171, SP Richards Catalog: ZEB 67117 
Mfg Number: 67117
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Medium Pen Point Type - 27.6 mil Pen Point Size - Refillable - Navy Blue, Lime Green, Brown, Pink, Violet, Turquoise Liquid Gel Ink Ink - Navy Blue, Brown, Lime Green, Pink, Violet, Turquoise Barrel - 6 / Pack
SP Richards: PENBL77BP6M1, UPC: 072512266441, GTIN: 0072512266441, EAN: 0072512266441, SP Richards Catalog: PEN BL77BP6M1 
Mfg Number: BL77BP6M1
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